Bobsweep Robot Vacuum Cleaner Compared to Roomba 570?

Asked: What advantages does Bobsweep robot vacuum cleaner have compared to Roomba 570?


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Roomba 570The Bobsweep and the Roomba are very similar.

Roomba 570 vacuum that can be scheduled to navigate autonomously through your home up to seven times per week. The Roomba 570 is specially designed dual, counter-rotating agitator brushes spread carpet fibers and enable the vacuum to remove hair and other detritus from low- and high-pile carpets. Sensors redirect the unit when it encounters furniture, walls, or stairs, and its anti-tangle technology reverses the rotation of the brushes when it encounters rug fringe.

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  1. Rex C

    I love robots, although I never owned either a bobsweep or a roomba, I have had a Neato for over a year which is arguably inferior to both bobsweep and roomba 570. I have seen both roomba and bobsweep at friend/family houses and to answer your question, here are the advantages of bobsweep to roomba 570: bobsweep can mop the floor using a mop attachment simultaneous to vacuuming. In addition bobsweep has HEPA filtration that is only found in 700 series of roomba which is crucial in absorbing small particles. There are other small advantages to bobsweep as well but there are some to roomba too. I personally would probably get a bobsweep after my neato dies, but i would also recommend getting a irobot 700 series if you want to get a good robot.

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