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Has anyone had any experience with the roomba?

Kristen Young Asked: Has anyone had any experience with the Roomba?

I hate sweeping. I have a small duplex that’s all linoleum tile in the main room (kitchen dining and living all in one large area) I don’t have a whole lot of furniture just the basics. I have been wanting the Roomba for a while but I don’t want to spend that much money and it be a flop. Does it work well? Does it eliminate the need for sweeping, at least make it so I wouldn’t have to sweep every day? Does it get stuck a lot or does it maneuver pretty well?


Rosemarie Ga Answered:
iRobot 330 scooba floor washing robotThe Roomba is great! its a lifesaver. it works great and it will work even better since you don’t have much furniture. it doesn’t really get stuck unless you have an awkward set up. it eliminates to need for sweeping completely and you can use it on carpet but you still need to occasionally vacuum. I’d say it’s money well spent and highly recommend it. If there’s ever a problem you can just empty the dust and its fine.

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