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iRobot Robots – Roomba Vacuum Review

The iRobot Robots or iRobot Vacuum Cleaners may not be completely like living the life of the Jetsons yet, but they come pretty close. iRobots are the Roomba Vacuum Cleaners, the series of home iRobot Vacuum Cleaners used to automatically clean your floors and carpets.

Having trouble imagining these Roomba Vacuum Cleaners roaming through your house?  The concept does take some getting use to, but once you give the Roomba Vacuum Cleaner the once over, many users say you will never want to be without your iRobot Vacuum Cleaner ever again.

irobot roomba 560 automatic robotic vacuum

iRobot Roomba 560 Automatic Robotic Vacuum

Up first on the list of Robot Vacuum Cleaner Reviews is the Robot 560. It’s the Robot 560 Roomba Vacuum Cleaner in Black and Silver, and it’s also the most recognized model of the i Robot Vacuum Series.

iRobot 560 Roomba Vacuuming Robot, Black and Silver

Pros – iRobot 560 The black and silver pattern is appealing.  This machine is considered quieter than some regular vacuums; that’s a plus too, because some vacuum cleaners can be very loud when operating. The iRobot 560 is also easy to program, can be used everyday, and performs edge and corner cleaning.  The 560 also has the ability to continue to clean comfortably when moving from one floor surface to another.  For instance, the i Robot vacuum cleaners move seamlessly from hardwood, to vinyl, to carpets.  One of the best features iRobot Robots posses are they automatically return to their home-base to recharge themselves.

Cons – iRobot 560 The iRobot 560 machine may have intermediate issues with the automatic docking feature.  Make sure the device has a clear path to the docking station.  You also have to pay close attention to when the machine is full, and the brushes need to be cleaned after each cycle. The iRobot 560 requires maintenance to keep it running well, but can that be considered a con?  Doesn’t everything require maintenance? In general, users give the iRobot 560 a very good review.

Ok, up next is the iRobot 330 Scooba Floor-Washing Robot.  Now this is the best concept ever.  Do you know anyone who wants to wash the kitchen floor?  The word reviewer’s use for the iRobot 330 model most often is love.  People just love this floor washing i Robot Vacuum Cleaner.

iRobot 330 Scooba Floor-Washing Robot

The Scooba 330 uses water, water and vinegar, or a Clorox based cleaning solution to scrub floors clean. The iRobot’s Scooba has a multistage cleaning process.  It first clears the area of dust and dirt, followed by a washing stage, then a scrubbing stage which removes grease and grim.  The final step in the process is the drying stage which leaves floors dry enough to walk on.  What’s not to love?

One note about the iRobot Robots – all of these machines are bag-less.  You just empty the compartments and they are ready to go again.  The Roomba Robots are intuitive and soon figure out cleaning paths.

Standard Features i Robot Vacuum Cleaners

  • Clean 3 to 4 rooms on one charge
  • Cleans wall edges and other hard to reach areas
  • Avoids stairs and other drop offs
  • Automatically returns to home base dock
  • Automatically recharges between cleaning cycles

If you get any Robot Vacuum Cleaner, there is nothing like the floor-washing model. In one of the posts below, click out one of the floor-washing models in action. You may get hooked.

Now, this next model is currently the largest in the series of robotic vacuum cleaners.  If you have pets or high traffic, you want the iRobot Roomba Pet Series 532 Vacuum Cleaning Robot.


iRobot Roomba Pet Series 532 Vacuum Cleaning Robot

Specially designed for homes with pets, the Roomba 532 has two interchangeable bins to keep up with pet hair.  This is also a high capacity sweeper which holds three times more dirt and hair and is great for large spaces or high-traffic areas. This unit can also be pre-set to operate automatically up to seven times per week. The iRobot Robots have really covered all the bases in automatic floor cleaning machines.  They just keep getting better.  Obviously, this technology is here to stay.  Even if you don’t take the leap now, sooner or later you probably will.  The good news is you won’t regret it.