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Look Out Roomba – Here Comes the Dirt Devil RoomMate

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Well look out Roomba, because here comes another imitator by the name of the Dirt Devil RoomMate Robotic Vacuum.

The Dirt Devil Robotic Vacuum comes in the signature red color of the Dirt Devil brand, and it touts some of the same features of the Roomba Vacuum, but with a new beneficial design twist.

First the Dirt Devil RoomMate obviously offers hands-free robotic cleaning that thoroughly sweeps and vacuums tile, linoleum, and wood floors. The Roomba vacuums carpets and hardwood floors. The Roommate is only for hardwood floor vacuuming.

And just like the Roomba, the RoomMate moves under furniture and around obstacles, but again what makes the Dirt Devil Robotic Vacuum stand out is the new cleaning bristles design.

Dirt Devil RoomMate Robotic Vacuum

The RoomMate randomly covers the room from wall to wall and moves in a circular pattern to clean large open areas. The RoomMate also moves in a perimeter pattern to clean along baseboards and edges to reach where dirt collects.

Dirt Devil RoomMate Robotic Vacuum Product Manufacturer Features

• 3 Cleaning Patterns
– The Roommate repeats these patterns automatically and continuously

• Ideal Hard Floor Cleaner – has built in sweep and vacuum action to easily clean tile, linoleum and wood floors

• Intuitive – vacuums hard floors at the touch of a button

• Dual Edge Cleaning Bristles – gently sweep the dirt and debris toward the central air path for easy clean up

• Straight Channel Suction – allows for the dirt to directly be transferred into the dust bin

• Step Avoidance Protection – the built-in cliff sensors help the robot to know when it is approaching stairs to avoid falling

•  Easy Filter – an easy-to-change filter prolongs the life of your machine and maintains cleaning performance

• Long Battery Life – 14.4 volts with a 4-hour charge time offers a quick, convenient wait for future use

• 50-minute Run Time – allows users to multitask and leave the area while the robot cleans up to two large rooms in one charge

• Low Profile Design – so lean and compact, this cleaning machine cleans under most cabinets, refrigerators and stoves

• Quiet Operation – with less than 60DB, users can be in the same room while it is cleaning and not be disturbed

The RoomMate Robotic Vacuum works best in enclosed areas with a 50 minute run-time to clean kitchens, baths, and other hard floor surfaces. The compact design is ideal to clean beneath furniture and stores easily. Plus, the spinning brushes help to leave no corner untouched utilizing the three simple steps for one superior clean.

With a sleek simple design and easy to read light indicator, you’ll know when it is fully charged, needs charging or when you need to empty the dirt and dust collected. With a 4 hour charge time you are able to charge quickly and begin use again.

When you are considering any of the robotic vacuums, it’s best to select the model specifically designed for your particular floor.  For instance, if you have a carpeted floor get a Roomba Vacuum.  The Roomba Vacuum cleans both hard floors and carpet so you’re covered.  If your business or home only has hardwood floors then the Dirt Devil RoomMate might be more your speed.

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Dirt Devil RoomMate Robotic Vacuum – BD70050RD

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