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Which IRobot Roomba series vacuum is the best?

FreeFaller Asked: Which iRobot Roomba series vacuum is the best?

I would like to get this for my mom because I feel like all she is ever doing is vacuum to keep up with all of our animals shedding. We have 2 cats and 3 dogs who all shed a lot. So we need a vacuum that can hold up to all of the hair, last a long time, and will ultimately reduce the amount of vacuuming my mom has to do every single day. If you guys could tell me from experience which iRobot Roomba series is the best that would be great, or even if there is another brand of hands free vacuum that is even better than these. Thanks everyone so much!!


Kiss Me Kate Answered:
iRobot Roomba Pet SeriesRoomba does have a pet vacuum…i can’t tell you about that because I’ve never wanted to splurge for one. I have 5 cats and have gone thru 3 Roomba’s–but I think they are totally worth it-because i need to vac at least twice a week…and i am lazy…Lol…so my solution is to get the cheapest Roomba–the base model red one–on eBay around a hundred….then I clean it as much as i can and if it lasts me a yr-that is just fine with me—they really don’t last long with all the pet fur–but it cleans well and I love the little things because they save me work!!!
Charlie F Answered:
See if there’s a shop in your town that just sells vacuums and ask the guy in charge. I don’t think any of the robotic vacuums will handle the type cleaning your talking about. They are meant to pick up between weekly human driven vacuuming.

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